How to Download Apps on Kindle Fire

Kindle appsThe Kindle Fire has thousands of available applications. There are fun games, apps for weather and music, apps for TV such as Netflix. There are even applications that you can use to prank some of your best friends! Like the whoopee cushion, or the “Crack on your Screen.” But how do you find new apps? And how do you find the best apps? Prepare to get the full load on applications for you Kindle Fire, as well as my personal Top 10 applications that nobody with a Kindle Fire should go without.

Let’s begin with the basics.

How do you find Applications on the Kindle Fire?

1. Make sure your Kindle Fire is connected to the Internet. You would have trouble trying to download apps with no internet.

2. From your Home screen select Apps on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. There are two sections of your Library, the apps in your Cloud and the apps on your Device. (Cloud remembers all the apps you have had, so if you accidently delete one you can easily get it back. The Device section shows you which apps are currently installed on your device.

4.  To browse for new applications, Tap Store in the upper right-hand side of the screen. You will then be at a screen showing you a list of the top paid and top free apps available right now. It will look very similar to this.

download apps on kindle fire

5. Towards the upper-middle section of the screen you will see a bar that says “Top | New | Games” etc. These are the categories of the applications. As you scroll over you will find News & Weather, Social networking for Facebook and more.

6. The left side of the screen will always contain the apps that you have to pay for, the right side will always contain free apps.

7. To download tap on the application that you are interested in. If it is a free app than there will be an orange button that says “free” tap that and you will begin downloading the file. If the app costs money you will see an orange button with the price, tap that and you will be prompted to buy it.

8. All downloaded apps will show up in your Library under both your Cloud and your Device apps. To play or use the application, simply tap and open it.

Now that you understand how to download and use applications for the kindle fire, Here’s our Top 10 list of applications!

Top 10 List of Kindle Apps!

1. Pulse
download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire
Pulse is your number one source for the best news! Pick your favorite sources of news such as Forbes and Oprah, and have it laid out ad free in the best format.




2.   AK Notepad

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire
Sometimes you need a fast way to write down notes, what happens if a business idea sparks and you have no way to remember it? I use it for school, work, and when I get great ideas. It’s one of the most useful apps we’ve seen.



3.       Read It Later
download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

Ever come across a webpage and simply wished that you could remember the name? Now you can tap one button and really be able to read it later! If you come across an interesting web page on your Kindle Fire you can add it to read it later. Than when you get home, you can access it on your computer!


4.       Atari Greatest Hits

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

The best arcade games ever created, compiled into one application! So you can consistently play amazing games. There are 99 games, and each one will definitely keep you busy for a while.



5.       Stumble Upon
download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

Sign up, pick your favorite areas of interest and start stumbling! Go through pages of blogs that interest you. Find new people to follow and stories to read, all revolving around the things you love!



6.       ES File Explorer

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

Stay organized! Find all of your media and documents, as well as junk files that are just taking up room on your device! This app helps me stay organized, and keep junk off of my Kindle Fire. There is nothing worse than not knowing where anything is.



7.       Pandora

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

Listen to endless music, as long as you are in internet range you can listen to any music you want! While the artists are never the same, you can type in your favorite band and Pandora will play their music and other bands that play similar music.  We love it because you rarely hear the same song twice! It’s a free source of music however it doesn’t work if you are not in range of the internet.


8.       Angry Birds

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

Fight levels upon levels of evil pigs that steal your eggs.  We know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but this game is very addicting. There are a lot of levels, and the game gets harder as you get further. It looks absolutely great on the Kindle Fire, both the picture and sound are High Quality!


9.       Text plus

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

Who needs to pay for texting when you can get it free! You get your own custom phone number and the ability to text with your Kindle Fire!




10.   Alarm Clock Extreme

download apps on kindle firedownload apps on kindle fire

This is the best application for those who can’t get themselves out of bed in the morning. This app gives you the possibility of having to do small math problems before you can hit snooze. It comes with many features that the “hard sleepers” can use to wake up.


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