How to Use a Kindle Fire

how to setup a kindle fireThe Kindle Fire is a brilliant machine, capable of so much. But some folks who are new to tablets and touch screens maybe a little confused on how to use it?  With this complete guide you will learn how to master the basics of operating your new Kindle Fire!

There are seven basic categories that come stock on your new Kindle Fire, Newsstand, Books, Music, Video, Docs, Apps, and Web. We will go into detail about each one and show you how to use it.  But First, we need to be sure that your Amazon account is registered on your Kindle device.  Amazon says you Kindle will be setup prior to receiving it, but if this is the case, here is how to register your Kindle Fire.

Registering your Kindle Fire

  1. Press the power button on the bottom of your device.
  2. Swipe the orange arrow to the left. (This will bring you to your Home screen)
  3. Tap the quick settings Icon in the upper right hand side of your Devices Home screen. It will look like the gear image below.

 kindle seetings - gear icon

  1. If you are not connected to the Internet click the Wifi symbol and choose the name of the network that you want to connect to.
  2. Once you are connected to the internet tap the More symbol in quick settings, tap My Account, tap Register.
  3. Using the Keyboard that shows up, enter your Amazon email and password (if you don’t have an amazon account register for a new one) when finished tap the Register button.

Your device is now registered and you are ready to start testing out the seven other categories and start loading up some content!


 Kindle Fire -Newsstand

There are hundreds of available magazines that you can subscribe to. With the amazing color of the Kindle Fire, it’s like reading a collection of beautiful illustrations and photographs. Some come with great features like audio recordings and video! To subscribe to a magazine follow these steps.

  1. Tap Newsstand on your Home screen.
  2. Tap Store.
  3. Search for a magazine that you are interested in (Example: If you are interested in football enter “Football.”) and you will find a full list of magazines that write about your interest.
  4. To subscribe Tap “Subscribe now with 1 click” and you will be subscribed to that magazine.
  5. To read your subscribed magazines tap Newsstand from your home screen, there you will find all of your magazines.


 Kindle Fire - Kindle Books

Choose from over 1 million books! They have Best-Sellers, Children’s books, Comic books and even Cookbooks! Every book has amazing high quality color, and every word is very easy to read. To read books follow these steps.

  1. Tap Books from your Home screen. (This will take you to the Cloud, which is the section all of your downloaded books are available in. Also known as your Library)
  2. Use the buttons available to sort between authors, title, or recently read.
  3. Tap any book to begin reading. (Those with arrows on them have not yet been downloaded, and will begin downloading when you tap them)
  4. To shop for new books tap Store.
  5. Search for any book and tap it to download.
  6. All of your downloaded books will show up in the Library.


 Kindle Fire - Music

Amazon offers over 18 million songs available for download! From Lady Gaga to Elvis Presley! To find song’s to download follow these instructions.

  1. Tap Music from your Home screen to be brought into your Library (Also your cloud, each category has its own cloud so you won’t see any of your book’s if you tap music)
  2. Tap Store to search for new music through Amazon’s MP3 store!
  3. Use the categories to find the Most Popular songs.
  4. When you find the song you want tap buy and your song will be automatically downloaded into your Library!


Kindle Fire - Video

The Kindle Fire has the ability to browse and download over 100,000 movie titles and TV shows. You can browse or simply stream new movies and TV shows by either renting or buying them with just one click. With the Kindle Fires amazing picture quality and sound it delivers a great experience!

  1. Tap Video from your Home screen.
  2. In your library your device will give you the options between Movies and TV. This is where purchased video will be downloaded to.
  3. To shop for new Amazon videos Tap Store.
  4. You will be looking at Amazon’s “Prime Instant Videos” (If you become a member of Amazon Prime you are instantly available to watch many TV shows and Movies)
  5. You will also see Movies and TV shows.
  6. Use the Search bar to find your favorites.
  7. Once you find your Movie or TV show, Rent or Purchase it. It will be instantly made available for you to watch in your Library!


Kindle Fire - Docs

Make sure you are not leaving your important work or school documents behind! The Kindle Fire gives you the ability to email your documents to your device for safe keeping!

  1. Tap Docs from Home screen.
  2. You will see a few documents, along with a specific email address to send your documents to.
  3. Any documents you wish to have placed on your Kindle Fire simply send it to that email address from your computer! You will have it for safe keeping in your Docs.


 Kindle Fire - apps

The Kindle Fire comes packed with thousands of the most popular apps! Any android app is available on the Kindle Fire. So if you have an app you love on your android phone, imagine how much you would like it on a bigger screen!

  1. Tap Apps from your Home screen to be taken to your App Library.
  2. Tap on an App to use or search for new apps in the Amazon App Store.
  3. You can find many free apps and games in the App Store.
  4. To download click on the App you want and either tap “free” or the amount the app costs. Tap on the Get App button to begin the download.
  5. All of your downloaded apps will be available to you in your library.


 Kindle Fire - web

Browse all of your favorite websites in high definition color. Along with a very easy to use interface!

  1. From your Home screen tap Web.
  2. Use the search bar at the top to browse your favorite websites or search for new ones!
  3. You can favorite a webpage by tapping the button on the left-hand side of the ribbon located on the bottom bar of your screen.
  4. Your favorites are accessible through the ribbon.


Now that you’ve got a feel for everything the Kindle Fire has to offer, take some time to play around with it, download some books, apps, magazine, movies, music and more. If you still have some questions about your Kindle Fire, leave a comment below and we be happy to help you out!



  1. Rosemary Dronchi says:

    After downloading a book, I have problems retriving my home page. Also, my kindle fire sets the pages horizantally instead of vertically. Could I please get some answers to these two question. Thank you.

    • Kindle Review says:

      Hi Rosemary,
      The problem you have with the pages set horizontally, doesn’t sound normal. You should be able to orient your Fire either vertically or horizontally. Simply hold the Fire in either landscape or portrait for a moment and the screen should change for that particular view.

      You should always be able to go back to the home page by touching the home icon at the bottom left of the screen.

      I you don’t see the home icon, it maybe hidden. To unhide the home icon and the bottom toolbar… briefly touch the center the screen and the menu overlay should pop-up.

      I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other problems. And thanks for commenting.

  2. Philoma Edens says:




  4. Janice Bull says:

    how do you close all the taps

  5. can u change owner name once u make one

    • Kindle Review says:

      Yes you sure can.

      Here is the instructions for transferring the Kindle to someone elses name.

      If you want to transfer (sell, gift, loan, etc) your Kindle to someone else or somebody else has given you their’s, you can deregister the device from original owner’s account and register it with yours. You can deregister Kindle by either clicking on deregister link on “Manage Your Kindle” webpage on Amazon or from the device itself: from the home screen, press “Menu”, select “Settings”, then select “Deregister” with 5-way controller and confirm. If you are not the current registered owner of the device you can only unregister Kindle via the device itself.

      Then you can register the Kindle either by entering the serial number via “Manage Your Kindle” page or by entering your Amazon account credentials after selecting “register” link in the settings screen of the device.

      Read more:

      I hope this helps. If not, you can call Amazon customer service and they are usually pretty good at helping with these sort of things.

      You can also contact customer service and asked to be transferred to Amazon Kindle Supoprt.

      dial customer service; 866-216-1072

  6. How can I tell which type of Kindle I have?

  7. lyn sikj says:

    Why does my KINDLE FIRE constantly makes an electronic sound as though email has just arrived in my inbox? And how do I stop it please?

  8. I just bought a used Kindle Fire and would like to change the name on it, will I loose the apps that are already on there? How can I get rid of the ones I don’t want?

  9. How do I get it off airplane mode?

    • Kindle Review says:

      Swipe your finger down from the top of the Kindle Fire’s screen to display the “Quick Settings” feature. Tap “Wireless”. If you see that Airplane mode is on, tap it to toggle the setting to off.

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