Setting up your New Kindle Fire

Ever since released the newest version of its eReader, the Kindle Fire, sales have been booming. reported over 1 million Kindles are sold every week!   That’s a lot of Kindles.   Even more so is that’s a lot of new Kindle users.

To help these new users get up and running on this amazing little device, we’ve put together this guide for setting up your new Kindle Fire.

How To Setup a Kindle Fire

Luckily, the Kindle Fire comes with a very easy to use interface. Setting up your Kindle Fire is going to be easy for you as long as you follow these guidelines. After learning the process, you will be able to change the settings on your Kindle Fire to your preferred settings. We will go through the process of Registering your Kindle, as well as describing each of the settings and what each one does for you. Let’s get started!

Registering your New Kindle Fire

The first thing you should do when you turn on your Kindle Fire is to make sure it’s Registered. You will need to make sure you have an Amazon account, if you don’t have one simply go to Amazon on your computer and set one up (or you can do it through your Kindle Fire) You will also need an Internet Connection.

To get your Kindle Fire connected to the internet, follow these easy steps.

1. Turn on your Kindle Fire. (Button on the bottom of your device)
2. Slide the orange arrow to the left. This will bring you to your home screen.
3. In the upper right-hand side of the screen you will see a gear icon that looks similar to this image below.

kindle seetings - gear icon

4. Tap that and you will see the quick settings menu pop-up, like this.

Kindle Fire Quick Setting Menu
5 Select Wi-Fi and make sure it’s turned on, than connect to your home network. (The Kindle Fire has Wi-Fi technology, so you can pick up any internet network whether it is at your home or a local café)

You are now connected to the internet, so let’s begin registering our device!

1. Make sure you are still in quick settings menu, and tap “More” on the right-hand side of the menu. You will be brought into the More Settings menu which looks like this.

Kindle Fire More Settings Menu

2. Tap My Account (the second option from the top) and you will come to the register screen. Tap register to begin linking your amazon account.

3. Type in your amazon account Email and Password (to switch to symbols and numbers press the 123!?)

4. Finish by selecting Register. Your Kindle Fire is now registered to you! Congratulations!

Now that we got the first step squared away, let’s start looking into all of the other settings in the Quick Settings menu, and the More Settings menu.

Quick Settings Menu

Lets go over all of the option within the quick setting menu and describe what each one means.

  • Unlocked: Switch to Locked so the screen won’t dim or go to sleep. This is a useful feature for watching movies and TV shows.
  • Volume: Controls the volume of your devices audio playback. If you want soft music for sleeping turn it down low, when watching a movie or TV show you usually want this feature turned up.
  • Brightness: Controls the brightness of your screen (a dimmer light will allow the battery to last longer)
  • Wi-Fi: Connect to the internet through any available network, whether it is at home or in a café. (You must be connected to the internet to browse the web or download books, movies etc.)
  • Sync: If you use other devices through your Amazon account, such as an android phone. Sync your books and apps that you paid for to the device.
  • More: To enter the more settings menu.

More Settings Menu

  • Help & Feedback: If you are having trouble with your Kindle Fire, you can contact customer service. If you have something nice to say about the device, give them some feedback.
  • My Account: Use for registering your Kindle Fire. (Linking to your amazon account)
  • Restrictions: Enable restrictions if you want to password protect your Wi-Fi
  • Sounds: With certain applications and newspapers, you will be notified when there is an update. Choose your notification sound and control its volume!
  • Display: Control the brightness of your screen as well as how long your Kindle Fire will sit before falling asleep. (If you are loading a video online, set this to never)
  • Security: You can lock your screen with a password. Use this setting if you want to lock other people out of your device!
  • Applications: Sometimes your device can get a bit crowded with applications. To free up space and keep your device clean, Uninstall unwanted third party applications. Also to save battery, Force Stop some of the running applications.
  • Date & Time: Usually the network that you are connected to will automatically tell you what time it is. But if you want to manually set your time, turn the automatic set off and you will be able to set it to the time you wish.
  • Wireless Network: Turns your Wi-Fi on and off.
  • Kindle Keyboard: If you don’t like the sound the keyboard makes when typing simply turn it off! This feature gives you a few options to customizing your keyboard. Such as Auto Capitalize and Quick Fix (Auto corrects misspellings)
  • Device: This will tell you all of the technical details about your Kindle Fire. How much storage you have left, how much battery you have left, what version your kindle is running on. It also gives you the option to restore the device to factory settings.
  • Legal Notices: Gives you all the Legal facts, such as distributing the software etc. Read up if you plan to do something illegal with the device! It’s not recommended.
  • Terms of Use: Goes into detail about what they are and aren’t responsible for when it comes to getting a broken device fixed, you will need to make sure you understand the terms of use.

And that about it.  Setting up the Kindle Fire is simple and super easy to use.  Now that you have everything setup you may want to check out How to Use a Kindle Fire, to help you download books, apps, games and more.  If you run into any problems or have questions about your new Kindle Fire, leave us a comment below and we’ll help you out in any way we can!



  1. Jane nakamura says:

    I’ve registered my kindle, but now I can’t find the quick settings to change the screen brightness. help!

  2. starwheel says:

    K. I’m at home screen and there isn’t a “gear” option anywhere.

  3. My kindle fire will not allow me to turn off it’s voice.

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